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COVID-19 UPDATE - March 30, 2020

As per National's directive in the March 28, 2020 email, Camp Olave will be closed for the remainder of the year to January 2021.

Our booking agents will be processing refunds but please be patient as this will take some time


"COVID-19 is an unprecedented time for everyone. From the onset of this pandemic, our first priority has been the health and safety of our members and the greater community. Now that it’s clear just how far-reaching the impacts of COVID-19 will be on Canada, we are faced with making some difficult decisions to protect the long-term sustainability of Guiding.

As a result of the health and financial impacts of COVID-19, we have made the following critical decisions unless pandemic protocols change:

  • In-person Girl Guide activities will not resume this Guiding year.

  • Currently scheduled trips, events and camps are cancelled until the end of 2020"

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