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COMC (Camp Olave Management Committee), as it is now known, was created in 1978.

The committee was comprised of at least two members from the four Areas; Burnaby Royal, Fraser Delta, Lions, and Vancouver. 

In 2008 BC Council began the process of amalgamation of Provincial areas from 18 to 10.

Burnaby Royal, Vancouver, and Fraser Delta became West Coast Area and Lions Area remained unchanged.


Lions Area and West Coast Area continue to manage and support Camp Olave through the Camp Olave Management Committee (COMC). Representatives from Lions Area and from West Coast Area and their Area Commissioners as well as representatives from the Site Managers Committee vote at COMC.

Common areas and all sites are the responsibility of COMC.


comc jayne bimini.jpg

Jayne & Bimini

Jayne: Summer Caretaker & P/T Lifeguard 

Bimini: Camp dog!

Favourite thing about Camp Olave: 

Jayne - the amazing surroundings, particularly the beach

Bimini - all the kids!

Favourite camp food:

Jayne- s'mores

Bimini - any camp food

Favourite campfire song:

Jayne - Admittly, I don't know any campfire songs!

Bimini - Enjoys anyone calling her name!


Maintenance Manager 

Favourite thing about Camp Olave: 

All the amazing people! 

Favourite camp food: 

Roasted Marshmallows

Favourite campfire song: 

Black Socks


Waterfront Director

Favourite thing about Camp Olave: 

Spending time with some of my favorite people, many of which I have known since I was a young Girl Guide coming to Camp Olave myself

Favourite camp food: 


Favourite campfire song: 



Waterfront Staff 

Favourite thing about Camp Olave: 

The variety of different cabins and sites


Favourite camp food: 

Chicken noodle soup

Favourite campfire song: 

Land of the silver birch


Waterfront Staff 

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