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Water's Edge

Galalina is a large multi-purpose camping compound facing out on to the water. This site includes a cottage, a cook shelter, covered eating area, outdoor picnic tables, 6 sleeping huts, 2 platform tents, a separate washroom (The Royal Flush), a large lawn, a fire pit and a flag pole.

  • Cottage has 2 bunkrooms sleep 6 & 4 for a total of 10, 6 huts each sleep 5 for a total of 30, 2 platform tents sleep 4 – 5 each.  Site total is 48 – 50.

  • Cottage 10 bunks include mattresses; 6 huts have 5 beds, no mattresses; 2 canvas platform tents sleep 4 or 5, no mattresses.




  • Cottage has a full kitchen including a refrigerator with top freezer, 4 burner electric stove, place settings for ten, an electric griddle, coffee pot, kettle teapot, mix master and lots of pots and pans and utensils.
    The Cook Shelter contains a large propane stove with a grill, large island, & serving tables.  The pantry contains a large built-in refrigerator, small freezer, place settings for 50, 2 electric griddles, an electric coffee pot, perk coffee pot, 2 four-slice toasters, kettle, teapots, lots of pots and pans and utensils.   A large brick fireplace, drying racks, and LDP pit in back.


  • Cottage has 3 tables and 10 chairs in the kitchen.

  • Cook Shelter has tables and benches under cover and picnic tables outside


  • Cottage has 2 inside washrooms.  Leader’s washroom includes a shower, girls washroom has 2 stalls & sinks. Royal Flush is situated behind the huts and has 3 stalls, 2 sinks and 2 showers.


  • The cottage is winterized and has electric heat.

  • There are emergency candles, propane stove and lantern are in the broom closet. Extra blankets are in wooden boxes in bunkrooms.

  • If you wish to bring your own tents, you may put them behind the huts.  There is room for 5 or 6.  Do not put tents on the lawn.

  • Woodshed is behind the cook shelter and driftwood collected under shelter near firepit.

  • Smoking area is behind the cottage on the waterside.  Smokers must bring a tin box with lid for their ashes and butts.  Absolutely no smoking in the wooded areas.

  • There is parking for one vehicle.

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