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Considering a donation to camp olave? 

Making a donation to Camp Olave is always appreciated. Donations can be directed for use towards specific items, or be applied to the camp as a general donation. 

The Camp Olave Management Committee (COMC) ensures donations are allocated where requested, and find that

  • units review our Wish List to make donations towards specific items the youth can recognize as their unit's contribution, or 

  • individuals either use the Wish List for specific donations, or they make general donations. 

If you'd like to discuss where your donation would make the greatest impact, please contact us 

To Make a donation

Encorp Return-It Express Donations
Turn your refundable containers into donations for Camp Olave! 

Make an online donation
Use the Girl Guide Donate Now option. For your donation to go to Camp Olave, indicate
“COMC” in the dedication information at the
bottom of the online form, and the funds will be
directed accordingly.

Mail us your donation

  1. Prepare your donation as a cheque or money order, payable to Girl Guides of Canada, COMC.

  2.  Attach a note or letter to your physical donation, indicating the donation is being made to Camp Olave Management Committee (COMC) for Camp Olave, and indicate the 

    • specific item per the Camp Olave wish list using the terminology on the list,

    • or donation is for general use at Camp Olave.

  3. ​Provide the name of your unit or district making the donation, or provide your personal information and mailing address, if a tax receipt is required.

  4. Mail to BC Girl Guides, COMC c/o 3320 Sultan Place, Coquitlam, BC, V3E 2Z8

tax receipts 

Tax receipts are issued by our Girl Guides of Canada, National office, located in Toronto. Tax receipts are prepared once a year, and sent to recipients in time for them to include the receipts in their tax returns. Please let us know if you’d like a tax receipt.

If you’ve not received a tax receipt by the end of the February following the year you made your
donation, please contact us ASAP.

wish list 

Our Camp Olave Wish List, is a list compiled by the campsite and activity site managers. The site
managers know the needs of their individual sites, and have shared what needs the site has that are not
considered operational costs, but are items that would enhance the experience of our campers.

On behalf of the COMC and all Camp Olave users,
We thank you for your donation consideration.

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