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For Camp Olave Family Groups 

Our Booking Agent: 

Camp Olave Booking
205 - 121 29th Street West
North Vancouver, BC 
V7N 4L6
Phone: 604-980-2142


camp olave Family bookings:
What you need to know when booking

  • You must  

    • be an active member of the Girl Guides of Canada

    • be 19 years or older, and

    • plan to be present for the duration of your stay at Camp Olave

  • You must have liability insurance coverage on either your Home or Tenants
    Insurance Certificate.

  • Definition of a Family: 

    • Maximum of four (4) Adults with a total maximum of eight (8) people, including children,  There is no camp fee charged for children two (2) years and younger.  MAXIMUM STAY IS SEVEN (7) NIGHTS.

How to request a booking

  • Check the website booking calendar below for availability

  • Send our booking agent an email request, a minimum of two (2) months prior
    to your requested date(s)

  • Include in your email:

    • Identification that you’re a Guider (i.e., iMIS #, Area, and District)

    • Three (3) date choices

    • Three (3) site choices, and

    • Number of participants

What comes next

  • You’ll receive an email response from our booking agent to

    • acknowledge receipt of your email, and

    • provide you with a booking request package to complete and return
      (this includes the individual site fees)

  • You’ll receive a second email response from our booking agent

    • if more information is required, or

    • to confirm the information, you sent

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email three (3) weeks prior to your booking date; including,

    • Camp Olave information sheets, and

    • the site manager contact information for you to contact for an orientation, which is a requirement of all site users each time they book

Check our booking calendar below - if the site is listed, it is booked

 For information only - do not rely on this calendar; always check with the Booking Agent

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