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tall trees

Rustic. 5 lovely secluded sites set in the trees, with dappled sunlight 
Looking forward to a big camp, challenging expedition or just love trees? Tee Cseh is a wonderful site for teaching camp skills or just enjoying a great campsite. It is a good transition from platform tent camping to regular tent or wilderness camping. It is nestled in the forest, close to archery and the fitness circuit and a short walk to the beach. With its secluded individual tent sites, campfire area and covered shelter, it is an excellent venue for Pathfinder Gold Camps, pre Soar camps or "survivor" themed camps.
Tee Cseh is open from the beginning of April through to the end of October.


22 on 5 sites (4 patrol & 1 leader) 

  • Provide your own tents

  • One 5/6 man tent absolute max per site. 4 patrol sites and 1 smaller leader site. Heavy mallets are available for dense gravel pegging.

  • Small covered shelter with 3 burner stove and tank stored in locked area.

  • Water tap between covered shelter and lats.

  • Liquid Disposal Pit (LDP) near lats.

  • There is a designated fridge for Tee Cseh available in Si Yay Lum shelter (and a direct trail).

  • Shelter tarps available in locked storage for creating patrol kitchens on sites.

  • Wooden patrol boxes can be brought out to be used on-site – convert to kitchenettes.

  • Fire pits on each site may be used for cooking – remove any overgrown greenery first.

  • Small covered shelter with 2 large picnic tables. Sites have each got a wooden table, some with benches.

  • 2 pit toilets (latrines/lats).

  • There is NO power.

  • There is almost always a bear in the area, and always other wildlife (raccoons, mice, squirrels, birds etc). Be prepared to use appropriate precautions. 

  • Please read the Orientation material before coming to camp, it has more information. 

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