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place of high winds

Close to the beach, HiYuWin has a large commercial kitchen with the capacity to feed 100 people. It is ideal for a large group or as a central eating area for groups on several campsites.  The sleeping huts appeal to those looking for a transition between full indoor accommodation and outdoor camping.

  • 48 campers in the bunkhouses - each bunkhouse sleeps 6 campers

  • Large cook shelter with stainless steel kitchen - covered eating area.

  • Electric lights and outlets in cook shelter only - Pantry with a locked door

  • Pot washing sinks - Commercial dishwasher

  • Stockpot range (2 burners) - Two propane stoves each with oven (12 burners)

  • Microwave oven - Commercial refrigerator and cooler - Freezer on site

  • Hot water dispenser and air-pot coffee brewer - Hot food table.

  • Kitchen equipment and dishes for up to 100 people

  • Wood burning fireplace

  • Covered outdoor dining shelter

  • A short walk to the communal washroom, Dude's Palace.  Flush toilets, hot and cold running water and showers. Flush toilets, hot and cold running water and showers.

  • Tents are allowed on site.

  • There is an outdoor fire pit.

  • Half barrels are available for outdoor cooking.

  • Trail from site to beach.

  • Bunkhouses do not have electricity.  Campers need to bring air mattresses for the bunks.  Air beds do not fit in the bunks.

Bunkhouse Information: 

Inside each hut there are 3 sets of bunks (6 beds in total). 

The inside measurement for 2 sets of bunks is 24" x 72". 

The inside measurement for the 3rd set of bunks is 29" x 72". 


Note - The bunks do not have any mattresses and they are fairly narrow. 


We recommend sharing the dimensions with your campers/Guiders so they can bring appropriately sized thermarests/mattresses.

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