amazing arts

The Amazing Arts camps are sponsored by Camp Olave which is supported by West Coast Area and Lions Area. It grew out of a wonderful camp called CARNIVAL and a great adventure called HARRY POTTER CAMP.

Then Camp Olave welcomed girls and Guiders from all over BC and beyond to Amazing Arts 2008 followed by Amazing Arts Again in 2012 and Amazing Arts Three in 2015.

In 2008 our shirts were blue, in 2012 green, in 2015 red and in 2018 ORANGE.


What about Safe Guide and other forms? 

After April 30 we will put up any remaining Safe Guide forms and ask parents to fill out an email or mail a variety of stuff such as required Safe Guide forms, a tee shirt size form, and a transportation form.


My camper doesn't have a swim test. Will this be a problem?

No, our Lifeguards will administer a short test the first swimming day. It only takes a few minutes. If she has a test in iMIS we will have it already on a report.