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2021 Bookings

As per GGC guidelines in March, Camp Olave is closed until Dec 31, 2020. We know you (and us!) are eager to get back to Camp. Many of you are thinking and planning for the upcoming Guiding year and want to include Camp Olave in those plans. We are keeping the booking procedures and timelines the same as in the past. January will be used only by the site managers to get their sites ready for camps starting in February 2021.

Camping will only begin if given the go ahead by the Provincial Health authorities and GGC. We will do our best to work within their given framework and may have to change or modify your requests.



Bookings for camps February-December 2021 will begin September 15 for any Lions Area or West Coast Area Events, or camps and any Lions Area and West Coast Area District events or camps. Requests must be received by mail before September 15.

Lions Area and West Coast Area Unit camps may have their requests in by October 15.

All other requests will be considered on or after October 31.

Deposits:We will not be taking deposits at the time of booking until we have confirmation from GGC National and B.C. Provincial Health Office that we can open again for camps


Click HERE for booking instructions and forms

Any changes to this plan will be posted on the website and social media channels Have a great summer and stay safe!

COMC Committee

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