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Fitness Circuit reopened!

As of February 1st, 2020

Fitness Circuit reopened

The fitness circuit is available for use.

Before opening the fitness circuit, we employed the services of a tree specialist (arborist) to carefully check the tree stand in the area. Their report has supported our reopening of the fitness circuit.

Note: Using the fitness circuit, you may notice a suspended tree in the area. The tree does not pose a threat to any fitness circuit users, but we do ask you to respect the taped off area, and keep all campers away from it.

Hiking trail conditions

Please review the hiking trails chart posted on each site’s bulletin board, listing which trails are year-round use, and which are closed December and January or when under extreme weather conditions.

Conditions on the year-round trails: Be prepared for wet sections, downed trees and forest debris on the trails.

Conditions on the seasonal trails: Extended the closure of the seasonal (non-year round) trails to March 1, 2020, due to downed trees, slippery sections and unforeseen conditions due to the current weather forecasts.

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