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We are thrilled to finally have campers back at Camp Olave! Over the past two years, there have been a few changes; see below for what to expect and how to have the best experience at Camp Olave!

Camp availability

· All sites open for day use activities

· As of April 4, 2022, the camp fully opened for overnight camping.

· The change in allowed activities are consistent with the Girl Guides of Canada Return to In Person Guiding Protocols that were sent to each Guider on March 7, 2022.

What to expect?

For today’s campers, camp life will be back to basics this spring and summer. Camp revenue will help to support the return of our activities. In the interim, the camp setting and location make it the perfect backdrop for your camp themes, outdoor walks, games, campfires, and special moments that you create. What we don’t have are caretakers. Currently, the caretaker cottage is out-of-bounds to all campers. The occupants are not with Guiding, please respect their privacy, and do not bother them.

General Procedures and Requests

· New Booking Procedures

o Check-in/check-out are with the scheduled onsite COMC Volunteer who are located in Panabode Cottage. Reach out to them with any of your onsite camp questions or needs. A contact number will be posted outside the cabin door.

· Activity Sites

o Low Ropes Course: Currently not available, as it needs to be inspected, and repaired, plus facilitators trained.

o Archery: One (1) member of your leader team must be trained. Information will be in the booking package from the Booking Agents.

o Waterfront Activities: Currently we have one (1) lifeguard and are actively searching for a second. Boating activities, raft building, snorkeling, and swimming numbers will be affected without adequate staff. We will do our utmost to inform you of any changes prior to your arrival.

Safe Guide Procedures (from BC Safe Guide)

· Return to In-Person Guiding Stages as of March 31st:

  • Outdoor 2

  • Indoor 2

  • Overnight 2

Overnight Policies for all Branches

  • Sparks, Brownies, and Guides continue to have only 2 girls per sleeping area.

    • The current max occupancy may change as we move into the spring and summer, but no timeline has been identified to review this.

  • Pathfinders, Rangers, Adults can have 2 per tent up to 8 for an indoor sleeping area

  • Please consult Memberzone/Safe Guide for the most up to date information

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